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Shana Tova Midreshet Moriah!

Shana Tova Midreshet Moriah!

After a fantastic three day yom tov we all came back to the dorms Motzei Shabbat excited to jump back into classes.  Sunday night after classes was movie night in the dorm. Girls gathered in room five to watch “Freedom Writers” and relax after the first long day of learning in four days. 

Monday night our very own Rav Ari Berman gave a Drasha at the Yeshurin Synogogue, in Jerusalem. We were happily invited and went to hear him speak about about Teshuva and Eretz Yisrael. On Tuesday Shana bet went on a tiyul with Jobkatif to see the communities and people whom Jobkatif helped get back on their feet. We heard from Anita Tucker and met store owners who were helped by Jobkatif. Shana bet got back to school, had time to rest and that night we and about twenty Shana aleph girls went on a ‘siyur selichot’ in the Old City. We finished the walk at the Kotel just in time for selichot. It was an amazing experience.

That same evening, Danielle, one of our madrichot, also took girls on a special selichot outing. She took seven Shana aleph girls to Rav Elbaz’s yeshiva in Meah She’arim for Sephardic selichot. There were at least a thousand people there and it was broadcasted on the radio station Kol B’Rama. The girls loved it.

Wednesday afternoon volunteering hasn't started yet but that doesn't stop us!  Girls went to a pantry packing warehouse and helped out there.Wednesday night we all got a tutorial for Shmittah and did Hatarat Nedarim with our fantastic Beit Din of Rav Eitan, Rav Lerner, and Rav Teller.

What a week! Happy Shmittah year and Gmar Chatima Tova!

Adi Shulman, Shana Bet


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