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Chag Same'ach!

Yet another week has flown past at Midreshet Moriah. After being here for about a month, everyone is finally settling in, construction is coming to a finish and we have all successfully put together our schedules for the semester.

Thursday morning, while some of us simply rolled out of bed, others put more of an effort into their appearance as a photographer, Meir Zarovsky, was to be coming that morning. Meir took some great shots of us in our beautiful garden out front and of our new building in action.

That night Rav Aharon Wexler delivered a spectacular mishmar on Teshuvah in order to help us in our preparation for Yom Kippur. He spoke about Yom Kippur in the times of the Beit Hamikdash and made us realise just how incredible it is that we can totally wipe our slates clean in the eyes of G-d, no matter what we may have done in our past. After mishmar and on Friday morning, some of Midreshets' more adventurous performed the minhag of Kapparos not with money but with a live chicken! Wow. What an experience they had…

Next up was Yom Kippur, the Shabbos of all Shabboses. We were all split up at different teachers, Shanna Bet went to Leora and everyone else had the chance to stay at Midreshet’s many other fabulous staff members, ranging from the Berglass’s to Rav Eitan’s and more.

Now that Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are behind us,  Midreshet hallways are buzzing with the excitement of Sukkot break approaching. Whether girls are keeping one day of chag or keeping two, everyone is equally thrilled to be getting some time to relax and continue their learning in an informal and hands on setting. 

A Chag Sameach to you all   

ZeeCee Vorchheimer, Shana Bet


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