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Great to be Back!

After a long and relaxing Succot vacation, it's really great to be back at Midmo! These past two weeks were jam-packed -- from exciting trips to preparation for the upcoming ‘Lech-Lecha' tiyul, and all the classes we love in between.

During Chol hamoed, our unbelievably devoted madrichot organized exciting trips and activities that gave us the opportunity to experience Israel's culture in new ways. On Sunday, Miriam took girls to Har Herzl where they met with an Israeli soldier and explored the beautiful graveyard through the lens of a lone soldier who left America to join his brothers in the Israeli army.  Next, on Monday, Leora took another group of girls to Ganei Yehoshua where they enjoyed a day of paddle boating and picnicking in gorgeous Tel Aviv weather. Tuesday, Danielle took girls to Moshav Yad Hashmonah to a scenic horseback riding experience through the Judean Hills. And for Wednesday, Allie organized a wonderful morning at the Biblical Zoo. Thank you Allie, Miriam, Leora and Danielle for an unforgettable week!

This Sunday, girls reunited with their friends and got right back into their classes. On Wednesday, with Lech Lecha on the horizon, we were split into groups and introduced to our group leaders. We then spent the morning getting to know our groups and our itinerary for next week's trip. Everyone is really excited!

Wednesday afternoon, while many girls began their volunteering,  Danielle took other girls to the Israel museum to see a fascinating Bamboo exhibit and the Shrine of the Book exhibit-- both big hits!

To wrap up the week at Midreshet, tonight, we’ll be braiding and perfecting our own personal challahs -- just in time for Rosh Chodesh!  We’ll follow this up with an early-morning Kotel-run for vatikin to daven as the sun rises. Next week we begin our Lech Lecha experience so stay tuned!    

Megan Wasserstrom, Shana Bet


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