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Lech Lecha!

Hi Midreshet family! This week Midreshet is on our annual Lech-Lecha tiyul. We left late Monday night (2am in the morning actually!) and travelled down to the Negev. We arrived just in time to see the sun rise. After a long but amazing hike on Tuesday in the Negev, we arrived at the camp site and saw four long tables waiting for us. We had a great time preparing and cooking our own dinner; it was delicious! The night followed with astrology with Evytar and a Shana bet run "sing-song" session.

Wednesday started with a morning of "ODT, "outdoor training" which was really fun. ODT was followed by a much needed afternoon in the sun. We took the bus down to Eilat where we had the option to go banana boating, kayaking, and paddle boating. We also had the opportunity to walk along the Eilat boardwalk, eat ice cream and get some vitamin D by the sea shore. Wednesday night we had the night off and we got to explore Eilat for a couple of hours after dinner, and/or hang out and hear a lovey Parsha shiur given by Rav Eitan!  Shana bet had a special activity at the Ice Palace. We were given winter gear and the whole place is ice. There was even an ice slide! Who said there’s no winter in Eilat?!

All is well here in our beautiful country, Eretz Yisrael. We can't wait to experience more of this beautiful country and continue bonding with our new family in the following days. Keep tuned for more on our Lech Lecha experience next week…..

Oona Welman, Shana Bet


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