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Midreshet Visits Chevron

Another wonderful week at Midreshet Moriah! School is in full swing and we are acclimating nicely to our classes and schedules. At this past Thursday night's Mishmar, Rav Dovid'l Weinberg made his monthly appearance. He taught us that Cheshvan, a month devoid of chagim, is actually a time filled with so much potential for spiritual growth.  

Shabbat Vayera, we all went to our respective hosts, while some girls stayed in for a relaxing time in our home away from home. 

On Monday, we ventured out to the holy city of Hebron and visited the holy site of Maarat Hamachpelah. We went around with our tour guide who gave us many insights on the city, and the people. We ended the day with delicious pizza and a meaningful Mincha at Maarat Hamachpelah. All the while, Shana bet was scouring the city of Jerusalem, collecting donations for their Job Katif Chinese auction event on Dec. 15th. They also prepared and sold fruit salads with the proceeds going to their chosen organization, Job Katif. 

On Tuesday, we were privileged to hear from Stern's professor, Mrs. Shoshana Schechter. She graced us with an eloquent shiur about women's empowering role in tanach. 

This week has been a tough one for the entire Israeli mishpacha. Our hearts go out to those injured and killed. Due to these attacks, we've been under partial lockdown (don't worry mom! They're keeping us safe.) We're still having lots of fun with extra activities such as movie night, baking, dance parties, and lounging around. 

Overall, this week has been abundant with ups and downs, but mostly ups. We’re excited to see what the following week has in store. 

P.S. We wish luck to our Minahel Chinuchi, Rav Eitan Mayer, on his recruitment mission to Eretz America (G-d bless America) (but mostly Israel) (amen). 

Simone Bitton, Michal Alge, and Deena Albert, Shana Alef



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