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Henna at Midreshet

Hi Midreshet family! It's been such an exciting week at Midreshet Moriah! 
This past shabbos twenty two girls including a few friends and two Madrichot stayed in school. It was a lovely shabbos filled with lots of singing and bonding. We’re looking forward to spending this coming shabbos at our teacher’s homes where we will be able to get to know our teachers and their families better.

On Tuesday night, Midreshet Moriah organized a Henna night. Yehudit, originally from Yemen, came and taught us about their culture. We learnt so many fun songs and dances! She also showed us what their weddings are like by dressing us up in costumes. She picked two girls, Zeecee and Daniella Bodek, and dressed them up as a chatan and kalah. The rest of us were the dancers at their wedding. Later that night she taught us why they use henna at a wedding. Henna is used to represent the three mitzvot that the kalah has to do once she is married. The chet is for challah, the nun is for niddah, and the hey is for hadlakat neirot. We had so much fun learning and experiencing their amazing culture.

As most of you all know, this coming Thursday is Thanksgiving!! In honor of Thanksgiving this year's students have decided to make a Thanksgiving meal. Some students graciously volunteered to lead the program. They assigned every room a task, whether it be part of the cooking process or part of the decoration process, in order that everyone could help contribute and feel at home. As we begin preparing for the meal, we look forward to sharing Thanksgiving together like one big family.

Can't wait for another amazing week together! 
Have a great shabbos!!!

Ellie Chase, Rebecca Burack, and Mira Chanowitz



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