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So Much to Be Thankful For

Welcome back Midmo family!

On Thursday while many of you were at home eating turkey and enjoying your time off, we decided to get together and make our own Thanksgiving feast. Headed by a few volunteers, (which we'd like to thank once again for all of your effort) we all came together and pitched in to make a special, delicious dinner. Not long before the meal, everyone decided to dress up and oh boy, the costumes we came up with! With the little supplies we had, we created tribes of Indians, groups of "frum" pilgrims, and we even had our own pumpkin (Melanie Chustckie) and turkey (Rachel Slater)! For the British and Canadians, this was their first Thanksgiving meal and they really made a splash. Mid-meal we were enlightened with a Dvar Torah connecting Thanksgiving and Judaism by Andrea Weiss. A great time was had by all.

The fun continued on shabbos when we made our way to various faculty homes. On Saturday night once we were back in the dorms, we all filled each other in on our wonderful shabbatot! Everyone had nice things to say and we’re especially appreciative that we got to spend quality time with our teachers in small groups. With full bellies from all of our delicious meals (thank you again!), we were recharged and ready for a new weak ahead.

On Monday morning, we experienced our first Yom Iyun on the topic Bein Adam Le'Chavero. First off we learned the source of this mitzvah with Rena Coren and the importance of relationships. After that, we were broken up into three groups and each group got the chance to hear about different aspects of this mitzvah from our teachers: Rav Lerner, Malka, and Leora. The day continued with a panel led by Bracha, Malka, and Shelby which later ended off with Mrs. Shapiro, an experienced social worker. We really enjoyed the day and it definitely gave us something to think about.

Later on in the day, the Midmo flag football team went out to play a double-header at Kraft Stadium. One of the games was played against our teacher, Sefi, who despite being on the opposing team gave us lots of encouragement. Of course the cheers of our fellow students who came out to support both teams, gave us even more encouragement. Thanks again to everyone who came out!
As the week continues, we can’t wait to make more memories, expand relationships with teachers, and apply the lessons we have learned to our friendships.

Until next week!
Melanie Chustckie, Renee Cohen, and Melissa Daniel



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