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Midreshet Conquers Masada

On Sunday, Midreshet Moriah set out on an incredible adventure to Masada. We took a small detour and found ourselves in a park overlooking the city of Yericho where our amazing tour guide Eitan pumped us up for the incredible adventure we were about to embark on. As the bus pulled up to the historical landmark, we were all a little intimidated by its size and height, but we were up for the challenge. Fueled by the tasty lunch provided by Midreshet, we began our trek up the mountain. Since the average Midreshet girl doesn't always exercise enough, getting up the mountain proved to be quite the challenge. As we finished the hike, our struggles were forgotten as we were overwhelmed by the historical significance of this place. Our excitement to hear the story of Masada increased every minute. We learned of the temple floors that were destroyed to make a mikvah and we were moved to be standing on the ground where our ancestors stood. Witnessing children's laughter and families also visiting the site, a feeling of hope and comfort overcame us. Reciting Mincha overlooking the amazing view was both reassuring and empowering. With immense passion, our tour guide Eitan relayed the story of Masada, a tragic event that proved Jewish resolve and continuity. Later, after a delicious barbecue, we journeyed through the desert on a moonlight walk. We are so grateful for this meaningful and fun experience we were given.

Meanwhile, on that same sunny day, Midreshet's shana bet students paid a visit to Har Hertzl with Rav Jason. They visited the graves as the sun shone down on them. While the experience was moving and sad, it was also comforting to know these heroes did not die for nothing. To lighten the mood, shana bet later baked cookies with Rav Ron after leaving the site. It was an experience they would surely never forget.

On Monday night, Midreshet's football team took on Michlalah in an exciting competition. Midreshet thrived, bringing home a huge victory. Shout out to Michal Alge for an incredible game, as usual.

Another major highlight of the week was the opportunity to see an incredible movie called Beneath the Helmet. The screening was sponsored by Jerusalem U, an Israel Advocacy program that many of us at Midreshet take part in. The movie relayed the experiences of real IDF soldiers, whose stories allowed us to gain insight into what it was like to serve in the Israeli army. Following the movie, some students were able to ask the soldiers questions to gain a better understanding of life in the army as well as our duty to advocate for Israel. The Midreshet students now know how important it is to advocate and stand up on Israel's behalf.

We're looking forward to another amazing week here at Midreshet Moriah!

Emma Decter, Noam Edry, and Kira Dennis



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