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Chanukah Same'ach!

We started preparing for Chanukah last Wednesday by making our very own chanukiyot (menorah’s). It was really exciting getting into the spirit of the upcoming chag and fun to see how everyone’s chanukiya was creative and unique. On the first night of Chanukah we all gathered together to light our homemade chanukiyot in the Beis. It was inspiring to see all of our chanukiyot lit and glowing as it got dark. We heard inspiring words from our very own Allie Segal, and the night turned into songs and sufganiyot, generously bought by the school.

The night before Channukah, we were privileged to attend a fundraiser organized by our very own Shana bet – Koncert 4 Katif. The fundraiser was for Job Katif, an organization helping those forced out of their homes in Gush Katif. It was an inspiring night as we listened to Israel's X Factor's,'Kippa Alive', and laughed along with Rabbi Beller - even though some of us Americans couldn't completely follow along with his British humor. The night was wrapped up with the raffle tickets that were purchased at the beginning of the evening.  Girls won many exciting prizes, such as Burger Bar vouchers, (cause seminary girls can't get enough), Hodaya jewelry, manicures and so much more. Shana bet raised 9,000nis (!) which the government quadruples bring the total to 36,000nis (!!!!).

It’s been another fun week at Midreshet Moriah and we’re looking forward to a special Shabbat Chanukah starting off with a tiyul on Friday on our way Tzfat! Stay tuned next week for details….


Aleeza Dessau, Aviva Doctor, and Michal Dytch.



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