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'Snowbaton' in Midreshet

This week, as we said an emotional goodbye to Shana bet and an amazing first semester, we registered for the second semester with the continuation of our favorite classes and new choices! We have the opportunity now to try out fantastic new classes in order for everyone to re-energize and re-excite themselves for the second half of the year.  Between registering and beginning the second semester, we have a two day intersession break. We’re excited by the prospect of making new memories during the break. Each student has been organizing all sorts of activities from visiting chocolate factories to repelling into salt caves. The weather here has been getting colder and colder. The forecasts show that snow is due Wednesday and we are all mentally preparing ourselves for the possibility of a ‘snowbaton’, also known as being snowed in and spending Shabbat in seminary. Though, as much as we love having a break, we’re all super excited to get back to learning and start our amazing second semester.


Shifra Garfinkel and Abby Frohwein, Shana Bet


Snow Update: It didn’t snow as much as expected but those of us who stayed in had a fantastic time! On Wednesday we had fun cooking, baking and learning in the Beis - Jordi Mayer and Daniella Levy cooked and spent quite a few hours in the Beis finishing Megilat Rut. Well done! At night we had a great falafel dinner (thanks Ruthie!) and a movie night featuring “Front of the Class”. Of course that wouldn’t have been complete without popcorn and Hot Cocoa – YUM!

Today teachers are still snowed in in Gush Etzion, so spring semester will officially begin Sunday. Those of us here in Jerusalem are going to Shaarei Tzedek with our amazing madrichot to visit cholim. We’re also looking forward to a special Mishmar tonight being given by Alumna, Amanda Goldsmith.

Shabbat Shalom


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