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Spring Semester is here!

Brrr, it's getting cold!  Last week Midreshet had intersession as a great way to get recharged for second semester. It was a ‘chilly’ snow week with a surprise snow day on Thursday. Many girls stayed in the dorms for the "snowbaton", great company, food and competitive games all shabbos long.

The first day of spring semester started off with a delicious and’ nutritious’ breakfast - chocolate chip pancakes! While the season is busy with friends and family visiting, our alumnae have arrived as well.

Avichayil writes: “Sunday was also Alumnae Day and there were special shiurim given by Bracha, Rav Jason and Rav Ron. Many alumnae attended and enjoyed being back in Midreshet-it felt just like old times! The following day, Rav Jason took some alumnae on a tour of Har Herzl. The week was filled with alumnae visiting, joining Shiurim and learning in the Beis...and the office, halls and classrooms continue to be filled. Even one of our Alumnae, Marissa Chadow will be giving Mishmar this week!”

On Monday we had a very inspiring and informative yom iyun on Tznius. We saw videos, learned the halachot and heard an incredible, motivational speaker. On Tuesday, Midreshet went to the funeral for the murdered Parisian Jews where we heard the Prime Minister and President of Israel speak. It was a very touching experience and inspiring to see klal yisrael come together after such a terrible tragedy. May there be only simchas, and may we continue to grow stronger as a nation.

Happy first week of second semester and good luck to Midreshet at the Kedma Choir competition taking place this coming motsei Shabbat. Everyone has been putting so much effort into the rehearsals; we just know it’s going to be great!

Shabbat shalom :)

Penina Gershbaum, Nikki Goldberg, and Pearl Goldman


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