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Milk or Meat??

It’s been another week of Adar fun! As part of marbim b’simcha, we’ve decided to dress up every day. We started off the month with Topsy Turvy day in honor of v’nahafochu. Haman’s goal was to kill and eliminate the Jewish nation but in the end it was Haman and his sons who were all killed! So in addition to dressing ‘upside down’, we turned the entire office upside down - magnets, cups, notices and even the clock! We continued this theme throughout the day, with the girls who usually sat in the back having to switch to the front and vice-versa…

Breakfast was served at nine o’clock with our newly hired chefs- also known as our teachers! There was no better way to start the day than eggs made to perfection with toppings of our choice. 

The day then took an unexpected turn. What we thought would be a nice first day of Adar turned into a snowstorm warning.  Well, it was Topsy Turvy day afterall…As we’ve learned from the past, an inch of snow will shut down the entire city of Jerusalem so it was highly recommended for everyone to leave on Thursday to their Shabbat venues.  Some girls had the chance to enjoy a Thursday night at Rav Ron’s house with a movie and popcorn.

On Tuesday we all dressed up as candy. Little did we know that color war would break out that day! Team Chalav (milk -blue) and Team Basar (meat-red), fought long and hard all day. We went to the park to compete in relay races and played many games back at school. Abby Frohwein and Daniella Levy created beautiful murals for their team – chalav, as did Alex Feder and Tali Lazar for the basar team. There were cheers and mascots and we even decorated the fridges in the chadar ochel. In the end, team Basar won, winning team pride! Go team Basar!

On Wednesday we all dressed up as animals. Since Wednesday is our chessed day some girls went to the biblical zoo with members of Chai Lifeline! It was a fun and meaningful way to incorporate the theme of animals in our weekly chessed.

This week has been so much fun and we have a feeling there’s a lot more fun in store so stay tuned!

Shabbat Shalom

Tamar Leiderman and Yehudis Levine




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