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S'mores and More

Hey Midreshet family! We had another amazing week here at Midreshet Moriah.  As the year is coming to an end, we all really are trying to take full advantage of our last full weeks of learning.  The classes this week were super inspirational! We just could not get enough! We cannot believe there are only around thirty days until we have to say goodbye.

This past Shabbos was amazing! Many of us had the opportunity to spend Shabbos at our stupendous faculty. Some girls went to Rabbi and Vicky Berglas’s house.  It was so nice to see the incredible community of Nevei Aliza, which they started. We felt so inspired by their passion for the land of Israel. Another group of girls went to Rav Eitan’s house for the “not yet shana bet” shabbaton. Shelby, the soon to be head of shana bet, also came along. We heard a shiur from Rav Eitan about “Keter Torah” and a surprise shiur from Rabbi Dardek. 

Wednesday night was Lag Ba’omer. A few girls went to Meiron, while others stayed back for a school wide bonfire in the parking lot of Shaarei Tzedek hospital. Meiron was definitely a 'chavaya'. The bonfire was great fun!  We made delicious s’mores and pitas and had an extremely enthusiastic kumsitz.

What an amazing week it was here at our home away from home, Midreshet Moriah!!!  

Devorah Schwartzman and Dafna Secemski



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