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Gone Hiking...

It was the usual fun week at Midreshet but with a spin! We’ve gone up north to the Golan for a two day tiyul!

We left bright and early and started off the trip hiking from Meron to Tzfat. It was a long but beautiful and uplifting hike. After we stopped for lunch and some hangout time, we continued to Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel’s kever in Amuka for Mincha, davening for shidduchim and refuot.  From there we went to the Gadut lookout.  The view was gorgeous and we heard the story there of Israel’s brave spy, Eli Cohen.

Later that night we arrived at the Keshet hostel. We had dinner and showers and then arrived to our night activity of drumming. We were introduced to some really cool instruments that made unusual sounds. Everyone received their own personal ‘darbuka’ and we learned different beats and rhythms.  It was a great evening, dancing and playing music together!

Time to get some sleep - Can't wait to see what’s waiting for us tomorrow! Tune in to next weeks’ news for day number 2 and more…. 

Sarah Simon and Allie Segal


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