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What a Ride!

It's been a roller coaster of emotions here during our last week at Midmo! The classes have been wrapping up and girls are beginning to pack. The year has really flew by! It’s bittersweet to leave our home away from home here at Midmo – sad to say goodbye but looking ahead.

Over the past few months a couple of girls graciously offered to spearhead the Gush Katif kallah shower. They worked tirelessly raising money to throw a shower for her and help her pay for the wedding. They organized an awesome privilege sale and auctioned off great prizes from the teachers. They also worked on putting together a cookbook and sold it.  The shower took place Tuesday night in the beis which was decorated beautifully with lots of desserts and drinks. The Kallah came together with her mom and sister and we all danced and sang together. She shared their personal story from the disengagment and how they are still rebuilding their lives.  It was such a beautiful atmosphere of achdut.

Speaking of achdut, Wednesday was Unity day in Israel. We had a amazing dorm activity organized by our fantastic madrichot where we watched videos and made art projects in honor of Gilad Naftali and Eyal.  Everyone had a great time.

We are all getting excited for the last Shabbat babayit and banquet. Stay tuned for the last MIdreshet news next week.

Tova Wolovitz and Andrea Weiss 




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