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Welcome Midreshet 5776!

5776 is here! Their arrival has been so exciting. Girls have been slowly arriving and yesterday afternoon Bracha and our Madrichot welcomed the group flight at the airport. A special thank you goes to Emma Decter and Jessica Pinter (’14-15) for giving them a great sendoff back in NY. They are a great class and we know they're going to have an unforgettable year. We are looking forward to spending fall semester with them learning and bonding. We hope they enjoyed the Shana Bet's welcoming video. We can already tell it will be an incredible year-can't wait for it to begin!

It feels as if we never left now that we are back at Midreshet Moriah!  Shana bet are so excited to spend another semester here in Israel!! It is so exciting seeing all our teachers and friends.

This past Tuesday, we dove straight back into our learning and in the afternoon we went with Shelby to Yad Hashmona where we had horseback riding and had archery. It was a blast! Shout out to Shelby-thank you!!!

Wishing everyone a fantastic year -Shabbat Shalom and welcome home! 

Pearl Goldman and Melanie Chustckie, Shana bet




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