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Chag Same'ach!

What an eventful week! As we got ready for Yom Kippur, we had quite a few events to helps us prepare for the upcoming day.

Last Thursday night we went to a thought inspiring Siyur Slichot which helped everyone think about what they want for their year in Israel. We saw thousands of people in the Old City doing the same and we were really able to feel part of Clal Yisrael.

On Sunday afternoon, Rav Lerner took girls to Kaparot! A large group went and a shochet was there to shecht the chickens on the spot--- we'll leave it at that!  We definitely experienced a kapparot like no other.

On Sunday night everyone had the wonderful opportunity of going to Migdal Oz for beautiful Slichot. Migdal Oz’s Beit Midrash was filled with hundreds of women from all over, singing and saying slichot with so much kavana - it was truly an inspirational evening!

We spent Yom Kippur at faculty, family and friends, Rav Eitan and Bracha hosted girls and we thank everyone for such a meaningful Yom Kippur.

Today we are having our first meeting for the upcoming Lech Lecha trip which will take place after Sukkot. Everyone is so excited - but first, Sukkot is just around the corner. Amnon built us a Sukkah and our madrichot are planning fun chol ha’moed outings for girls staying in the dorms.

Sending lots of holy hugs from the holiest of lands! A Gmar Tov and Chag Same’ach to you and your wonderful families!

Hannah Tessel and Arielle Wernick


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