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The Journey Continues...

Imagine yourself waking up at four in the morning and being told you were going on a two hour hike. It was still dark and the stars were still shining. The task seemed daunting, but once again we were pushing ourselves to the limit.  We climbed our way up Har Tzfachot continuing to doubt whether we would ever make it, but make it we did! I think it’s safe to say it was worth it. Nothing compares to davening as the sun rises over the Jordanian mountains. The inspiration we felt in that moment is something we’ll never forget. 

From one adventure to another we reflected on the challenges that faced the Jewish people after the churban. The caves of Chirbat Midras that we visited on laer that day on Wednesday represented the Jewish people’s unwillingness to give up their land. We ended off the day by having an inspirational Kumzits followed by a chagiga with a hundred girls dancing. It was a scene that no one will forget because everyone had so much ruach.

The next day we were woken up to daven followed by a heart breaking movie about a hero that will never be forgotten- Michael Levin. We were fortunate enough to go see his grave along with many other important people who died for our country. We also had the privilege to hear from fallen soldier’s fathers and were in awe of their courage and inner strength.

Shabbat started with circle time that then led us to tefillah. After dinner we all were told to sit in a circle and share our feelings about one and other. We had the opportunity to compliment and expand our friendships with people who we never thought that we would talk to.

Lech Lecha was a true experience that we will never forget. Our friendships and relationships with one another will now surely continue to grow.

Nikki Bick and Laura Betesh




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