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Olam Chessed Yibaneh

Hey Midreshet family! We have all been busy learning and giving back to the community this past week. First, we had an awesome mishmar Thursday night with Rav Aaron Wexler who spoke about how to make the most out of our year. He advised us not to just continuously go to the same places in Israel all the time but to go explore other unique places. He also strongly encouraged us that to in addition to getting the most out of our classes, we should challenge ourselves when we learn in the Beit Midrash. 

Thursday night was jam packed with tons of amazing activities such as our second annual hafrashat challah run by Shana bet. It was so meaningful to have had the opportunity to once again bake Challah for the safety of Eretz Yisrael and the refuah for all the sick/chollim.

Throughout the week girls took the opportunity to do even more chessed- we are volunteering in Aleh and Mishi (special needs), the Wizo shelter for woman, Weingarten H.S, mentoring disadvantaged students, Pantry packers and Chasdei Naomi (packing food parcels for the needy), adopt- a -bubby, Ohr Meir U'bracha-(helping victims or families of terror) and Shutaf, an integration program.

Some girls took part in a unique chesed opportunity. Here’s what they wrote:

“In the past few weeks Israel has been going through a very difficult time period. Living here in Israel has given us the ability to further understand the sacrifices that our soldiers make for us every day.  It is without question that they deserve the utmost of respect and appreciation. 80 packages were sent to us from America and we took it upon ourselves to make 100 more candy filled bags. Midreshet Moriah was gracious enough to provide us with a police van that took us around Jerusalem distributing these bags to the soldiers as just a small token of thanks. We ended our day at Kever Rache where we davened mincha.

We love, support and thank all the soldiers and security forces who continue to protect us and the state of Israel! They were so happy and appreciative. We felt that after all that has been going on here that it was important for us to give back to them.”

We hope to only hear good news from here on and can't wait for the fun to continue. Stay tuned for more exciting news!!! 

Daniella Blisko and Miriam Blonder





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