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Rocking Rakazot and more...

This Shabbat was a very exciting Shabbat at Midreshet Moriah!! We got to spend the weekend at our amazing rakazot houses. Throughout the year our rakazot have helped us with our big transition and have become such a core part of our experience at Midreshet. This Shabbos we got to see them in a new light- in their homes. We went in groups of 15-20 to different neighborhoods in Israel including Ramat Eshkol, Givat Mordechai, Nevei Daniel, and experienced the communities all while being in the loving homes of our caring rakazot. 

We then came back to an exciting day on Sunday. It was "chessed day" starting off in the morning with three amazing speakers who came to MIdreshet to speak to us about the chessed they dedicate their lives to; Rachal Nadel of ‘Anywhere Israel’ (hosting students for Shabbat), Reena Rosenblum of ‘Reena’s place’ (teenage girls crises center) and Ilana Kasovitz, who fosters babies in their first weeks of life. We were awed by their dedication. It was a truly inspiring morning.

Later that day we got to put our money where our mouths are and actually set out to do some chessed as well. We went to ‘Leket’ and spent over an hour picking kohlrabi for very poor families who can't afford food. We ended up picking enough to feed 600 families for a week! It was so uplifting to spend our time doing something that would help so many others. 

The fun continues… Our madrichot organized a "Sushi night" where we all got together and made one of a kind Sushi rolls while listening to music and making awesome memories. Tune in next week for lots more……

Miriam Cohen and Shoshana Cohen



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