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A Chanukah Celebration

This past week at Midreshet Moriah was full of Chanukah excitement. Immediately after class on Thursday we felt the festivity in the air as everyone prepared for our 60’s themed chagiga. As soon as we arrived we indulged in a delicious pasta bar dinner. Quickly after that, we all rushed to the dance floor and danced the night away. We took a pause from dancing as Shana bet drew the winners for the auction they organized in order to raise money for the Shekel foundation.  Midreshet administration, faculty and staff all donated to the cause with homemade foods, discs, scarves, artwork, special evenings and activities, shabbatot and more. We were then surprised by sufganiyot making, which made the night even more enjoyable. 

Shana bet have also organized a Shlomo Katz concert, taking place next Monday, to raise even more money for Shekel (stay tuned for more on that in next week’s news).

Friday morning we made our way to Tzfat, the mystical city. Upon arrival we had an optional tour around Tzfat or the opportunity to explore the beautiful city. At around 2pm we made our way back to the hotel and prepared for Shabbat.

Once Shabbat began, we were told about all of the different shuls in the area and were able to choose from minyans like Breslov, Carlebach, or Arizal. There were minyans for all tastes and styles and everyone was able to take part in a beautiful kabbalat Shabbat just right for them.

After dinner we heard from a Midreshet Moriah alumnus who made Aliyah and lives in Tzfat. The following morning we were again able to choose the shul which we wanted to daven in.

After lunch we all davened mincha together snd before seudah shelishit we had an eye opening speaker who spoke about her experiences with taking in disabled children.  

Over the course of Shabbat we also heard insightful Divrei Torah from three of our peers; Dani Ditchek, Daniela Azose, and Carli Muller.

On our way back to Jerusalem we stopped by the grave of Rav Shimon Bar Yochai.  It was a perfect way to end a truly special Shabbat.

Sunday and Monday were our vacation days and we did fun things like;  jeeping, repelling, movies, exploring different cities, and more. Once arriving back, we were all so excited to get back into our routine at Midreshet Moriah.

On Tuesday we had the privilege to hear from Rabbi JJ Shachter, renowned professor    at Yeshiva University and senior scholar at the YU center for Jewish future.  

As usual, we had a great week. Stay tuned for more exciting news next week…. 

Shabbat Shalom!! 

Shoshi Ginsburg, Rachel Feinberg and Rebecca Finkelstein 




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