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Shana Bet says Goodbye....

This was a really exciting week at Midreshet Moriah. The week began with a visit from Rav Meir Goldwicht from YU. It was really inspiring to hear from such a great Rav. He gave a shuir on kibud av va'eim and taught us so much on the topic. He inspired us to work on this midda even more than we are now. That night many girls participated in a beautiful kumzits, which was really a great way to end the day. 

The week continued with the annual Shana Bet preida. It was a very bittersweet ceremony. It was so nice to hear from Rav Berglas who spoke beautiful words of Torah. The Shana bet girls presented a gift to the Midreshet Moriah Beit Midrash of four books that helped and inspired them to grow and we are all very excited to read them. Rav Eitan addressed each Shana bet girl, complimenting them and pointing out to them and all of us their unique strengths. His pride in each and every one of the girls really shined through. We are really sad to see them go, but so happy for the time we had together here at Midreshet. They left us with so much knowledge and inspiration to continue our learning for the rest of the year.

On Wednesday night, we had another special guest speaker, Samantha Fishbein. Samantha shared with us her story of her journey back to Judaism and inspired us all to stay true to our beliefs.

Next week we’ll be having intersession before the start of Spring semester. We’re very excited to see what new shiurim will be added and register for the semester before the break. Stay tuned….

Eliana Halley and Talia Gross



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