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Alumnae reunion, Intersession and more!

This past week at Midreshet was short yet exciting just the same. On Sunday and Monday we finished or first semester classes and at 1:30 pm on Monday, second semester classes opened for registration! Midreshet was filled with excitement and everyone was thrilled to be signing up for new classes. It's crazy to think that half of the year has already gone by. We've learned so much and can't wait for all spring semester has to offer. We’re so excited for the semester to begin - we’re sure that it’s going to be great!!

Tuesday and Wednesday was intersession and we had two days of vacation to relax and have fun so that we could come back filled with energy and ready for the new semester. Many people did fun and exciting activities such as ATVing, repelling, paragliding, visiting the Jerusalem Zoo and more!  

While we were gone on Wednesday, an alumnae reunion took place at Midreshet. Sarah Simon (’14-’15)  shared with us the details……”Today we had an alumnae reunion breakfast held in Midreshet put together so nicely by Rina Coren. While sitting around and enjoying the delicious waffle bar Rena organized, we heard amazing divrei Torah from Vicky, Malka and Michal as well as Adi Shulman (’13-‘14, 14-’15). The divrei Torah all connected ideas from this weeks’ parsha and tehillim. Encouragement and direction were given as to what kind of people we want to be and portray once outside the walls of Midreshet Moriah, how we can stay connected to learning and constantly be growing once outside the seminary environment. We had an activity discussing our strengths and weaknesses since leaving our year in seminary and it was so inspiring to see how much people are keeping up and still working on themselves. It was so nice to get together, to learn, to share thoughts, and catch up!  We can't wait to do it again!”

We’re looking forward to a special Shabbaton this Shabbat in the Old city…..stay tuned.

Gayil Jungreis and Leora Jarashow



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