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Midreshet Sings and Celebrates!

This week was a fun filled week at Midreshet! Kicking off the week we had the seminary wide singing completion to benefit the Kedma organization.  We had a great time watching our friends from Midreshet and various other seminaries singing on stage.  Even though the Midreshet choir did not win, we were happy for the seminary that did!

Sunday night we introduced Tu b'Shvat in a hands-on way. We had the privilege of hearing from Chanoch who led us in a real Tu b'Shvat Seder! He opened our eyes to the true meaning of Tu b'Shvat. We had a huge variety of different fruits to eat and as we ate we learnt their significance to the Eretz Yisrael.  We had two different colors of grape juice, oranges, apples, dates, apricots, pomegranates, olives, avocado, raisins and even tea biscuits! As we ate each one, Chanoch would ask us to share a thought on what makes this fruit special. We heard so many inspiring insights to how each fruit is unique in its own way. 

The Tu b'Shvat celebrations continued Monday morning when Hadar and Yaakov surprised everyone with a special treat of fruit cups topped with whipped cream! What a healthy and yummy way to start the day-thank you Hadar and Yaakov!

Monday fun did not stop there! Later that morning a few girls visited a local kindergarten and prepared Tu b'Shvat treats with them and we kept the fun going with popcorn and hot cocoa with our ‘mads’ to prepare for the upcoming "blizzard" 


On Tuesday we had quite the chilly day... BRRRR!! We were pleasantly surprised to see the first glimpse of snow this year in was especially special for those who see it very rarely.  We're looking forward to many more days of the snow returning and Torah learning! 

Ariela Katz and Rachel Kaufman, Shana Alef




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