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Modest Girls Rock!

Second semester’s in full swing and we're back and better than ever!

As a break from all our hard work, on Wednesday night, our fantastic madrichot organized our very own Midreshet spa night. The night consisted of manicures, facials, massages and the classroom was transformed into a one of a kind spa with candles, music, etc. This preceded our Yom Iyun on Tznius and we internalized the idea that we can do things for ourselves – for our inner and outer beauty - even while being modest.

Thursday morning was our Yom Iyun on Tznius. The morning consisted of several round robin sessions given by Sepha, Leora Bednarsh, Malka and Rena Coren. We understood the different definitions of Tzniut and we had an inspiring guest speaker named Ariella Goffman, who spoke about the characteristics of Tznius. It was an insightful and eye opening morning to all. 

During Thursday’s lunch there was an appreciation ice cream party for our amazing Kedma performers and classmates. Hakarat hatov in a great way!

On Sunday, Midreshet is going to Chevron – read all about it in next’s weeks news!  

Good Shabbos!

Penina Langer and Alex Klein, Shana aleph 



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