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Hidden vs. Revealed

This week in Midmo news...Last Thursday we went to Yad Vashem. The experience was both an emotional and educational one. We were split up into three groups, each with a different tour guide for a more individualized and personal experience. As we were guided through the exhibition, our guides shared with us stories of survivors making the experience even more chilling and real.  Following up this holocaust memorializing experience, Vicky Berglas came later this week to prepare the girls who going to Poland.

This Tuesday was Purim Katan! In celebration of this rare occurrence Rav Yonaton Hirschhorn showed up decked out in costume from head to toe!  The night before, our madrichot hosted a special event cleverly titled Mads and Munchies, where they served hamentashen, blasted music, and got everyone into the Purim spirit. 

This morning Bracha called a special meeting…. She talked about how we all have a hidden part  - our deepest most private thoughts and beliefs  - and then we have a revealed self that we show the world. She said that some of us still have a clash between that hidden and that revealed. It’s like there’s a battle - hidden vs. revealed - nistar vs. nigleh - It’s like a war…COLOR WAR!!!!!!!!!!

After we changed into our Blue (Nistar) and Orange (Nigleh) T-shirts, we began with our team meetings and then headed out to Gan Sacher for relay races in the park.  More fun and excitement is expected later today….Be sure to tune in next week for more Color war news!

Rachel Markowitz (Nigleh), Eliana Moss (Captain of Nigleh) and Carli Muller (Nistar)


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