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Adar Bet in Full Swing

This past week has been very eventful! It started off Thursday morning, Rosh chodesh Adar bet, with many girls going to the Kotel for Vatikin. Everyone got dressed up and it was the perfect way to begin the new month.  When we got back to school, we were surprised with an outstanding omelet bar set up by our teachers in honor of Rosh chodesh. The omelet bar was set up outside with festive music provided by Lori while Bracha, Rav Lerner, Malka, Leora, Ruthie and Shira were flipping away. This was a great (and delicious) surprise!

Rosh chodesh events continued throughout the day and actually began the night before with many students working through the night pranking the teacher’s offices.  Thursday morning, faculty and staff were greeted by ‘a day at the beach’ and an office completely covered in tinfoil! Bracha had a hard time getting into her office as it was stuffed to the limit with balloons and of course Rav Eitan’s office was covered in notices…

For the last month, Midmo students led by Rebecca Gellis  have been organizing a benefit concert in memory of Rabbi Reuben Beirmacher z”l, a beloved Rabbi of Aish Hatorah. The concert took place this past Motsei Shabbat. Our very own Rav Lerner emceed and Alex Claire gave an amazing performance. It was a great success!

Lastly, on Monday, we went on a fun tiyul in the Sataf. Yaakov, Bracha, Rav Eitan, Malka, Shira and Rav Lerner accompanied us and we all had a great time. In the Sataf we traveled back in time to experience the challenges in mountain agriculture and see how during the time of the Avot, people farmed to sustain themselves. The trees were in full bloom (as you can see from the amazing photos…) and it was so nice to have a bit of a break and enjoy the land of Israel while learning about the sheva minim, most of them present at the Sataf. Half way through, we came upon a cave, Ein Bikora. Here, the rainfall gathers, as it trickles through the mountain and irrigates the surrounding fields. It was a tight squeeze to get in, but it was worth it. Inside, we all sang and had a meaningful kumzitz.  Afterwards, we had a delicious deli bar for lunch.  We then continued by foot back up towards the city, through the Jerusalem forest, just as our ancestors did when bringing their bikurim to the Beit haMikdash.

Leading up to Purim we've had different dress up days to get us in the Purim spirit. For example, high school spirit day, pajama day and twin day – more on that next week….  We're looking forward to what the rest of Adar brings! 

Rebecca Packer, Perri Monheit and Yael Rabin





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