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During the Pesach break, fifty of our own Midreshet girls went to Poland with Heritage. With Michal as our historian and also accompanied by Malka, Dr. Maresky and Eli, our madricha, we truly had an all-star staff. After visiting many different towns and cities, shuls, cemeteries, and concentration/death camps, we fully understood the Jewish life that existed in Poland before and during the war. The trip, even though emotional, was extremely meaningful for each one of us. It was especially fitting to take the trip right before Pesach, giving us a better perspective on slavery and suffering and giving the Haggadah a whole new meaning. Our visit to the Kotel upon our return to Israel was definitely one we'll never forget. Am Yisrael Chai!!

Pesach was great! A lot of girls stayed in Israel, visiting different places and doing all types of activities. A handful of girls stayed in the dorm and did various activities throughout chol hamoed, such as going to listen to speakers, traveling & exploring Israel, and even just sitting and learning in the Beis. Some girls worked in hotels throughout Israel as day camp counselors. They all had tons of fun and loved working with the kids. Many of the girls flew back home to spend the Chag with their families. Overall, everyone had a great Pesach break.

We are all so excited to be reunited with our second family... Midreshet!! We eagerly returned to our classes on Wednesday and today, Yom Hashoah, we have a special program commemorating the day. An exciting week is coming up so stay tuned for all that’s in store! 

Gabby Schwartz, Alexandra Seelenfreund, Dena Skydell


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