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Go North!

Go North!

Last week, Midreshet Moriah went on an amazing trip up north. Though the heat was sometimes intense, we were all well prepared and had a great time!

We were looking forward to the first hike that was planned but due to the heat wave we went ice skating instead. We had an amazing time and got to cool off from the heat. From there we continued to Amuka, to the kever of Rabbi Yonaton ben Uziel and davened mincha there. People visit Amuka mainly to daven for a good zivug and it is always special davening at the kever of a tzaddik. Lastly we went to the memorial of those who fought to defend Israel on the northern borders. We heard the story of Eli Cohen who was a famous spy for Israel who gave his life so that we could be here today.  

After the long and exciting day, we got to Chispin, where we stayed overnight. The hostel was really nice, right on the water and with delicious food. That night, we were called into one of the meeting rooms and to our surprise found drums of all shapes and sizes! Dror, our drummer instructor, showed us different instruments that were used in ancient times to make different sounds. He had various drums that none of us seen before. Then, we were all given our own drums and he taught us rhythms to drum to. We sang and drummed to different songs, even some of Israel's classic beats. We all really enjoyed it!

The next day we had the option to go on two different hikes. There was either a water hike – the Yehudiya, or a dry hike, Nachal Zavitan. Most of us decided to go on the water hike since it was still quite a hot day. We hiked on dry land until we got to the water. Of course the water part was so much fun! We found a body of water where we were able to go swimming and cool off. We got to see the most beautiful views of the Golan and our amazing tour guides explained the history of every place we visited. 

After the hike we went rafting! We all ended up jumping in the water… It was a perfect end to our trip. 

When we got back to Midreshet late that night, there was pizza waiting for us, with all different varieties of toppings! Now that really was the perfect end to an unforgettable trip.

Daniella Veres, Adina Waitman and Leora Weiss



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