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Lag Ba'omer Midreshet Style

Hi Midreshet family! Last week we got to experience Lag Ba’omer in Israel. On erev Lag B'omer, during the day, we learnt all about what we are celebrating and at night we had fun activities. Some girls went to Meron and had quite the memorable experience. The rest of us gathered at a bonfire in our neighborhood, Beit Hakerem. The girls who stayed in Beit Hakerem met neighbors, sang, ate s’mores and baked potatoes. There were also some speeches as an ALMOST goodbye to our Midmo family. As the year is coming to an end we are all starting to feel a bit sad knowing that the time to say our goodbyes is drawing near.

On Thursday morning, Lag ba’omer day, we had a great optional tiyul with Rav Jason and Rav Rafi.  We went to an area right near Hadassah hospital called Yad Kennedy. We went in to some really cool caves and water springs for anyone who wanted to cool off! It was a great way to spend the morning.

Our future in college is right around the corner and that’s why we had a college panel last week. We heard from teachers and alumni how to organize our time, including making time for Torah learning, and stay confident when in college. Leaving Israel and going to college is a major change, however Midmo always knows how to get us prepared. We are all now thinking and planning exactly how to get what we want out of college and in an organized way.

There are only TWO WEEKS left and next year’s incoming Shana Alef girls deserve an amazing year, that's why we all took a survey at Shiur Klali last week. This survey asked what we thought about the classes, schedule and teachers. We got to express what we love about Midmo and also what we would change if we had the opportunity. Thank you Midmo - for always looking to improve for the new girls every year!

Thinking about new girls coming in is CRAZY!!  We are still making the most of our time here and using every minute we can to learn and take advantage of all the amazing things Midmo has to offer!

Elzie Winiarsky and Jessie Weisel, Shana Alef


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