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Midreshet Unites!

We are so sad this week was the last week of classes here at Midreshet but are so thankful for the amazing, inspiring and life changing year we had here. 

Last Wednesday was Unity day in memory of Gilad, Ayal and Nafatli, the three boys murdered two summers ago in Israel. When it was still unknown whether the boys were alive or not, the whole nation came together as one and did many acts of kindness. The families wanted to keep this spirit going so they established Unity day. Everyone at Midreshet took it upon themselves to do extra chessed on Wednesday. Many girls visited Sha’are Tzedek hospital together with Midreshet Darkeynu and gave out drinks in an effort to be unified. 

Sunday morning, we had a bridal shower at Midreshet! For the past few weeks, we have been raising money for a Gush Katif bride, Hallel. Hallel was kicked out of her home in Gush Katif when she was 9 years old. The Gush Katif Bride project was established to help the brides before their wedding by giving them home essentials such as bedding, pots, and appliances. Midreshet Faculty and Staff all helped and we had bake sales and more and raised over 4,000 shekel! It was amazing to help Hallel because we can only imagine how hard it was and still is for the Gush Katif families. We had a wonderful time dancing with Hallel and her friends and just having a really fun morning. 

On Monday morning, Malka’s Mishkan class went on a class trip to Machon HaMikdash. It really brought to life everything they learned in class and they had an unbelievable time.

Yom Yerushalayim was amazing!! We joined in the Rikud d’galim (March of the Flags) all the way from Gan Sacher to the Kotel. At every street corner, we danced with people from all over the country. Seeing flags wave all day through the streets of Yirashalayim was so beautiful. The feeling once we arrived at the Kotel was like no other. It was truly amazing to feel so a much a part of the nation as we waved our flags with pride, sang and danced our hearts out. 

Arianna Wolf and Rebecca Yizhaky, Shana Alef



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