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They're Here!!!!!!!

This week was a very exciting week! Shana bet arrived on Monday and we had our first tiyul on Tuesday to Ir David with our great rakaz, Rav Jason and our madricha Sara Nimchimsky (we’re so excited you’re with us again this year!)! We explored the ancient caves and the water tunnels and had a fantastic time. We then made our way to the Kotel and had a delicious lunch in the Rova Yehudi. That night we had an amazing shiur given by Vicky. On Wednesday morning we had more Shana bet shiurim and in the meantime Shana alef girls have started arriving….In the afternoon they all went to airport to greet the rest of Shana alef.

Shana Alef has arrived!!!!!! They were greeted at the airport by Bracha, Sepha and the Madrichot! From the airport they departed to the Old city. When they finally arrived at Midreshet, they had a great pizza dinner waiting for them. 

Thursday was orientation day. After davening and breakfast, Shana Alef began their orientation with a Rakezet activity. After that they began their first round robin session with Rav Eitan, Bracha, and Sepha.  Round Robin sessions have lasted all day and at 4pm we will all be going together to Kever Rachel and for a BBQ at Rav Eitans! More about that and lot’s more next week…

We're so excited to start our second year at Midreshet Moriah – we know Shana alef is excited too and we can’t wait to start learning together!

Dassy Domnitch and Rena Engel, Shana bet


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