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Rakezet Fun

Last Thursday night we ended off our first full week of learning with an awesome mishmar by Rav Rafi about teshuvah-- it's not so hard! It was Rav Rafi's birthday and he made us a cake so we could all celebrate together! Some girls also went to the Machlis's to help them cook and prepare for Shabbos.

Tuesday night all the shana alef girls split up into their rakezet groups and went to their rakezets homes. They discussed what the role of rakezet is and how the rakezet is here to help each girl get the most of her Israel experience! Everyone really enjoyed the night out!! Batsheva's rakezet group had a really fun night of laughter and growth. They discussed goals, fears and some contributions they can all make to klal Yisrael this coming year. They also watched a powerful video reminding us that we are all part of a bigger picture. It was soup, salad and smoothies at Michal’s with ice breakers and personal bakashot/tefilot (written anonymously) focusing on each individuals weaknesses and strengths. At Aliza’s while the girls snacked on brownies and potato kugel, each girl had the opportunity to think ahead and focus on what they want to get out of this year. The girls wrote down their thoughts and then they were shared anonymously. It was a very thought provoking and inspiring. Lastly, at Rina’s, the girls got to know each other while they munched on muffins and salads. They then learned different psukim that have the word "Elul" in them- learning from them what we should be focused on during this month of Elul, this year, and in our lives. Everyone gained so much from the evening and really enjoyed spending time together!

On Wednesday shana aleph was introduced to the many great chessed opportunities they can partake in this year. Presentations were great. There was Kedma, Meshi, Pantry Packers, Shalva, Si’ach v’sod and Yachad just to name a few. Some girls said "they all sound amazing I don't know which to choose!"

They then started to prepare for Lech Lecha! (5-day hike next week) The girls were split up into their Lech Lecha groups and went on a short enjoyable hike. With some circle time, hiking and snacks... Lech lecha has just begun! Shana bet went to the Herzl museum and learned about Herzl’s drive and steps to creating the Zionism movement and the Jewish state. It was great!

Wishing everyone a restful Shabbat – another exciting week is on its way….

Rebecca Gellis and Avital Listman, Shana bet









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