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Slichot, Kapparot, Teshuva, Oh My!

This past Thursday night we had an unbelievable Mishmar by Rav Dovid'l Weinberg. He spoke about the teshuva process and how our growth and repentance have to come from within ourselves. We learned that we need to look for the good in each of us and not focus on our negative traits this coming Yom Kippur.

On Sunday night Midreshet took us to Migdal Oz for a beautiful slichot. It was incredibly uplifting joining together with many other girls from different seminaries all singing and connecting together. This meaningful experience really got us in the mindset for Yom Kippur. On Monday we were lucky enough to hear the incredible story of Alex Clare (famous musician of "too close") and how he went on his own teshuva journey and became a frum Jew. His story was so inspiring and motivating especially during this time of the ימים נוראים. It really showed us the value of true teshuva and made us realize that we too have so much to work on. The best part was when he gave us a private concert at the end!

Lastly our very own Rav Lerner took a group of us to Machane Yehuda to do kapparot with live chickens. This is something most of us have never done before and it was such an interesting and crazy experience! Swinging a chicken around your head is a little nerve racking but the meaning behind this practice really shone through during each of our personal kapparot.

Gmar Tov, Shabbat Shalom and Chag Same’ach!

Yael Rabin and Orly Slomianski, Shana bet


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