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Midreshet Moriah Communicates!

The second week back at Midreshet Moriah was filled with excitement. Everyone was eager to continue learning in their classes, as well as strengthening their bonds with the girls and teachers around them.

We started off the week on Monday with Dean Marian Stoltz-Loike, Dean of Landers College for Women, as a guest speaker in Shiur klali. She gave a shiur about the difference of the characteristics of Rachel and Leah. Afterwards she spoke about Touro College and the great things it has to offer. After a day packed with learning, our awesome madrichot planned a relaxing movie night featuring “The Dead Poets Society” and  yummy cookies with hot cocoa.

On Tuesday morning Shana Alef started off the day with a Yom Iyun on Interpersonal Relationships. Dr. Aviva Goldstein opened it by speaking about people making assumptions about others and how that gets in the way of being able to create new relationships. We then heard from Rav Jason, Malka and Neima who spoke about not letting hate control parts of our lives, not sweating the small stuff, and how important communication is to a relationship. We then ended the morning with Mrs. Chanita Casselli who spoke about the ‘Five Love Languages’ a book written by Gary Chapman that teaches us how to recognize another person’s ‘language’ and therefore, communicate better. This really opened up a whole new understanding of interpersonal relations.

Shana Bet had a Yom Iyun on Dating, Marriage and Parenting. Malka opened their morning with thoughts on dating and Dr. Goldstein continued with a talk about sanctifying individuality within the family. After a break with shana alef, Vicky Berglas spoke about what to expect from one’s marriage.

We’ve had another outstanding week at Midreshet Moriah and look forward to spending this shabbat with our rakazot in their homes. We've got an exciting week of Tiyulim and special activities coming up so stay tuned!

We hope everyone has an amazing shabbos!

Debbie Avila and Hannah Backer, Shana Alef



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