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This week was another exciting week, which started off with our amazing Yom Iyun, on Bein Adam L’Atzmo-our relationship with ourselves. Our madricha, Channy and teachers Neima, Malka and Rav Jason all spoke about getting to know ourselves and feeling comfortable with who we are. Channy explained to us that it is okay to be vulnerable and that we should embrace the feeling. Neima and Malka gave us the opportunity to find ourselves, through a collage making activity. Rav Jason spoke about the importance of making good decisions. We also had a guest speaker, Chanita Cassell, who spoke about validating our feelings and getting in touch with our emotions. She also taught us some meditation techniques.

Tuesday was a very exciting day for all Midreshet Moriah students. Shana Aleph went on a tiyul to Nachal Og and Shana Bet went to the Begin Museum. Aliza’s Schwartz’s ‘Themes of the Moadim’ class had some practical Channukah preparation by making (and eating) latkes!

The Nachal Og Tiyul began with a hike along the dry river bed of Og. Teachers, Malka, Neima, Rabbi Lerner and Rav Jason joined us on this fun, but very windy, Tiyul. We learnt about the area while taking in the beautiful scenery. After the hike, we went to the Yarden River and learnt about its religious significance. It’s a beautiful place with both Jewish and Christian significance. The Christians who were there, explained to some of the girls why the site is important to them and we explained why it’s important to us. We ended off the tiyul with a delicious barbeque, nearby at Ein Fashka, where we enjoyed good food and amazing company. Some girls even jumped into the natural pool, there.

At the same time, Shana Bet went to the Menachem Begin museum, with Midreshet’s director, Vicky Berglas and Aliza Schwartz. They had a really nice time at the museum, followed by a yummy lunch, with Vicky.

Aliza’s class was treated to a fun, hands-on lesson, where they made potato latkes. The latkes were amazing and everyone raved about them. It was an exciting way to end off such an eventful day, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Shabbat Shalom

Aviagel Brown, Ayelet Casden and Laly Chriki, Shana Aleph




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