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Getting Motivated!

Wow! What a week it’s been here at Midreshet Moriah. This week, much like every other, we had a blast! 

A fantastic opportunity that took place this week was the remarkable Mishmar, which featured an alumna from Midreshet Moriah, Allie Mayer. While the students enjoyed some cholent and nash, Allie spoke about her experience in Midreshet and gave a wonderful shiur on the parsha. Many girls were tremendously inspired upon hearing how Allie made Aliyah without any family. Hopefully Allie’s story will convince everyone to move to Eretz Yisroel! 

On Monday, as usual, we all attended Shiur Klali, however this week was quite different than most weeks! This week the Shana Bet girls answered all the questions we Shana Alef students have been BEGGING to know since even before attending seminary. They were sitting in a panel in front of the room and answered questions like “Why did you stay Shana Bet?” and “How do you motivate yourself to keep learning Torah?”  It was incredibly helpful and all around essential for the Shana Alef girls to see what their year has to offer from previous students’ perspectives. One favorite question that was asked was “How do you deal with the pressure of gaining weight in seminary?” because most of us have been worrying about that since day one. We just cannot stay away from those Mak’s Cakes!

Last night, our amazing madrichot put together a fun activity, decorating menorah’s and preparing signs for the upcoming Chanukah chagiga and Nefesh b’nefesh welcome olim morning. We all had a fantastic time and some true hidden talent has finally been revealed to all.

Anyways, as you can see, we’ve had yet another amazing week at Midreshet Moriah. We can’t wait till next week to celebrate Chanukah in Israel with our Midmo family - stay tuned!

Tamar Ciment, Shana Alef


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