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Hard to Say Goodbye

This week at Midreshet Moriah we had the Shana bet preida to wish them goodbye after an amazing five months. Bracha, Rav Eitan and Rav Jason spoke about each individual girl and the impact they've had on Midreshet during their time here. The girls gave beautiful speeches while we cried at their departure. For us, their departure is a scary experience being that they played such a vital role in all of our lives. They've helped us transition into seminary life which wasn't easy for a lot of us and they've taken the time out to use the wisdom they've gained in their Shana aleph to enhance ours. We are all so proud of Shana bet and look to them as role models for life. We are now excited to continue this journey on our own and we feel so blessed that we've had a chance to make this special connection.  We're also excited for Shana bet to go back into the real world with an amazing structure of Torah and Hashem which is so clearly seen in each and every one of them. We all can't wait to see where their lives take them. We know they'll continue to be an inspiration to us all!                       

In addition this week, on Asara b’Tevet, we had an amazing and inspiring seminary wide Yom iyun about belief in G-d. The program took place at Heichal Shlomo where we started the morning off with a few inspirational speakers. After the speakers, every girl was given the opportunity to choose a shiur she felt connected to. There were ten different shiurim held by different faculty members from each seminary. Following the amazing shiurim we had an inspiring kumzits with Shlomo Katz. To end off the day we were privileged to hear Racheli Frankel, the mother of Naftali Frankel, speak about her experience of loss and belief in Hashem. She spoke about how amazing it was to have Am Yisrael come together and support her through such a difficult time.  We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to hear her speak.

Shabbat Shalom

Sapir Flank and Rachel Fellus, Shana alef




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