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Impacting our Future

Another great week at Midreshet Moriah! This was the second week of the second semester and the new classes are incredible. We are in the middle of trying out so many new and exciting classes and slowly putting together our daily schedules. A few noteworthy events occurred this week that we can't wait to share…

Last Tuesday night we were lucky enough to hear from an unbelievable speaker who changed the way we view our relationship with God and our everyday lives. Lavi Greenspan spoke to us about how he became blind mid-life and how he related to God through it and continues to have a relationship with Him. He allowed us to ask him multiple and personal questions about his journey. Lavi made us see how thankful we should be every day that Hashem gave us the abilities that we have. Now we can appreciate the fact that we can be independent, see all of Hashems creations and be able to learn Torah on our own. His Emunah in Hashem is admirable and we can only hope that one day we will have that.

Last Thursday night, Rav Lerner gave the first Mishmar of the second semester. He spoke about specific qualities we should look for when we are ready to date for marriage. He taught us the importance of figuring out now, what we want our homes to look like. He also explained how important this year is for us and how we should be focusing on our learning and what to take away with us as we move forward in life. This night was so special that even girls from other seminaries came to hear Rav Lerner speak. And what's a Thursday night Mishmar without some nosh, Cholent, and potato kugel!

This Tuesday night we had the honor of hearing the President of Yeshiva University, Richard Joel, speak about his journey of becoming President. He spoke about the challenges that we might face in college and how to act upon them. We learned that we must set religious boundaries for ourselves and stick to them so we can continue growing after this year. He told us that we should surround ourselves with people with good values and who bring out the best in us. We came out of this speech having a new view on college life.

After Richard Joel spoke, the madrichot set up a poetry night for us. The theme of the night was identity and many girls wrote poems about their personal ideas on the topic. After the poems, we watched a few inspirational videos and had some great snacks. (of course!)

Just another week full of fun and inspiration at Midreshet Moriah!

Shabbat Shalom!

Sari Herskowitz and Moriah Intrator



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