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Welcome back Sepha!

What an eventful week it's been here once again at Midreshet Moriah! We were so excited to welcome back Sepha who we missed so much during her maternity leave first semester!

Tuesday we took a trip to the Shomron. First we visited the Samaritan community and learned about their fascinating culture and traditions. We visited their techina factory and got to meet their "Kohen Gadol". After that, we went to a plastic factory where they had 60 Israeli and 40 Arab workers who work together peacefully. It was so interesting to see how they were able to interact and get along well with each other. We learned how BDS affected this company, despite the fact that Arabs are working for it. We ended off the trip with a visit to the "Jewish Shepherd" where we watched him take care of his sheep and gained some insight on his way of life.

We are looking forward to mishmar this week with Michal and wishing everyone a great Shabbat! 

Emily Klein and Amanda Kasztl


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