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Remembering Mickey Butler z"l

This past week was another great week at Midreshet Moriah. The Beis was full as usual, and interesting and inspiring classes took place. We were finally able to settle into our second semester classes, which are amazing.

This past Thursday night was a special Mishmar titled 'Day by Glorious Day'. Michal Porath Zibman shared with us the story of her incredibly heroic friend, Mikey Butler z"l, who passed away at age 24 after a lifelong battled with Cystic Fibrosis. Michal spoke about his uncompromising emunah, fabulous sense of humor, and unique optimism which he maintained throughout his short life despite the incredible challenge and pain. Together with hearing about Mickey and learning Torah, Michal encouraged us to think carefully about how we choose to spend our time, to develop a more positive outlook to life’s small challenges, and to be inspired by Mikey's memory and legacy to try to live life through his motto, which was not only to live day by day, but to see every day as a gift, an opportunity, and a privilege, day by glorious day. The end of the year is just around the corner and there is still so much to learn, but thank G-d this is only the beginning of our life long journey through Judaism and relationship with God.

Shabbat Shalom

Dana Koenig and Talia Levie


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