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Massada Shabbaton / Tu Bishvat

What a great week we've had!

We ended the week with an unforgettable Shabbaton at Massada.  Our incredible tour guide Eitan Rund brought the tragic story to life and helped us to appreciate the historic importance of the site.  Following a delicious dinner, Sepha ran a fun and uplifting AMEN party.  This consisted of saying AMEN all together after each girl said her Bracha.  We also learned about the spiritual meaning behind the Brachot we say every day. 

Shabbat day brought gorgeous weather and relaxing Menucha.  After Havdalah we ended our Shabbaton with a beautiful moonlit walk through the desert canyon.

On Sunday morning we celebrated Tu Bishvat by planting trees in the garden.

During lunch break on Monday there was an optional informative Shana Bet meeting.  Afterwards there was a school wide speech given by Robby Berman, founder of HODS. The Halachic Organ Donor Society is an organization committed to educating the Jewish comunity about the misconceptions of this crucial issue.  We learned that this incredible mitzvah is in fact an option for observant Jews despite what we previously thought.
We had a great week and can't wait to see what the next week brings.
Shabbat Shalom!

Nava and Sigal Levine


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