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Yad Vashem / Color War / Rosh Chodesh

This week was a jam packed week for Midreshet Moriah! We started with Yad vashem on Thursday, which was tearfully moving and inspiring. We learnt about life in pre war Europe, the atrocities of the Holocaust, and how to appreciate the God given state of Israel. Sunday morning we woke up to the bad news that our water was shut off!! Little did we know it was actually color war break out 5777!! We had a fun filled day starting in the park with relay races and some fun in the sun. After lunch our teachers ran competitive activities in the beis, both thrilling and educational. Next we had the Chidon in which both teams went head to head in questions on Torah study. After dinner our final cheer off took place which ended in blue team taking the victory! What an exciting day! In honor of Rosh Chodesh Adar, on Monday morning, our teachers surprised us with an omelet bar where they cooked us a very special breakfast! Thank you Midreshet Moriah for an thrilling week filled with learning, activities and fun!
By: Sophie Mocton and Aliza Miller



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