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Purim 5777

This week was filled with exciting events, on Sunday morning we went on a “bar” hop. It started off at Bracha’s house in Efrat, which included a potato bar. We each made delicious potatoes and listened to Brachas gramen. Following that, we went to Rav Eitan's in Neve Daniel  for an ice cream bar. We weren’t surprised by the amazing shana bet posters hung up all over his home… just maybe a little frightened! We danced with his wife, Sally and enjoyed the Mayer family’s costumes. Later on that day, we listened to the megilla read by the  minyan that davens in our beit midrash every Shabbat. Our beit midrash was filled with a few families and their cute kids all dressed up! Of course when it came to Haman’s name, all the girls didn’t fail to make an excessive amount of noise. Afterwards we all ate dinner together in the beit midrash and we went to our Purim Chagigah in Har Nof and danced and sang. The next morning, the girls got up bright and early to listen to the megilla again in the beit midrash with the same minyan. Soon after listening to the Megillah, we watched our amazing purim shpiels, one directed by Tamar Ciment and the other by Talia Levie; both hilarious and extremely entertaining!! Kol Hakavod to the girls for their hard work! As we sat at our Purim Seudah, we enjoyed the delicious meal catered to us as we listened to Dena, Rav Ron, and the Madrichot's purim Shpiels. Dena wrote a song about our “daily struggles” and we all sang along with the lyric sheets. Rav Ron surprised us with a Sia wig and sang us a song called “I love Midmo” which was hilarious as well. The Madrichot read a play they wrote about Purim, they switched around people’s names, yet still making it clear who the character represented. We had the rest of the day off and got to experience the city of Jerusalem filled with simcha. We all split up and most of us saw concerts in town, incredible costumes, the streets were filled with tons of people, laughter and smiles! Some of us went to seudahs and most of us went to the kotel. It was an incredible experience, and for a lot of us, the first time celebrating this holiday and experiencing the month of Adar in a place where everyone greets you with “Purim Sameach!” to the point where it’s even written on  the buses.

These two days were long and exciting and unfortunately they had to come to an end. Purim is over and we’re back to our daily routine, taking advantage of the few moments left until our big break!


Adina Nahamia and Yael Nadel


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