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Jerusalem Marathon / Pesach Panel

A lot of girls from Midreshet Moriah ran and we raised money for various organizations. One of the teams for Team Shalva was in memory of Sarah Batya, Bentzi's daughter. Bentzi is the person who makes sure that we are all fed for lunch and dinner almost every day. He gives so much to us so this was the perfect opportunity to give to him. The Marathon took the runners all throughout Jerusalem. It was an amazing experience running through the beautiful sceneries of Yerushalaim. 

Returning from Shabbos we were all excited for our last full week of classes before Pesach. Last week we were privileged to have a panel about the Halachot of Pesach given by our very own teachers. In Shiur Klali, we had a round robin from 3 of our administrators of different Dvrei Torah on the Hagadah. Many questions that we had were finally answered. In classes this week, we learned a lot of nice ideas from the Haggadah that we could take to our Pesach Seders. 

Although this may be our last week before vacation, we hope to take everything we learnt and be able to share it with whoever we may be with for Pesach. We're so thankful for all we learnt and we can't wait to come back and continue learning!!

Over vacation, we will for sure miss Midreshet Moriah! 

Ally Orgel and Gabrielle Pinter



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