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Golan Trip Day 2 / Lag Baomer

On the second day of our awesome Golan trip there were two options to either do a dry hike or a water hike. We did the water hike and it was so much fun! On the water hike there was a beautiful waterfall and a pond of water underneath in which everyone jumped into. After the hikes we went water rafting. It was so nice being able to bond with the other girls in the your boat. Some of us jumped into the river and splashed around with each other. After rafting the staff surprised us with a"mini kiddish" giving us delicious watermelon and snacks to munch on. Afterwards, we went to Amuka, the burial place of Rabbi Yonatan Ben Uziel to daven mincha. Then we went back to school and was surprised with yummy pizza for dinner. 
On the night of Lag Baomer the madrichot put together an amazing bonfire and everybody made smores and sang songs. The next morning there was an optional hike with Rav Jason and Rav Rafi. We went through a water tunnel that was really deep and sang songs. Later on in the day we had a guest speaker, Tikvah Juni a member of Yachad who shared her experiences and emphasised the importance of inclusion. 
It was an amazing week and we are looking forward to what the next weeks holds! 
Shabbat shalom! 
Shoshana Skydell and Atara Solomon 


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