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This Shavuos at Midreshet Moriah was simply amazing! The Midmo family started off with a beautiful davening and dinner in our very own Beit Midrash. Rav Eitan and Abi Smith both gave Divrei Torah connecting Shavuos with our last few days at Midreshet Moriah! We can't believe it's ending so soon. We had an action-packed night, listening to shiurim prepared by our classmates and friends. Girls picked a topic of their choice to speak about with help from mentors and/or teachers. They spent weeks preparing and collecting sources, anxiously anticipating their moment to share their Torah! All the shuirim were amazing and really engaged all of us throughout the night. 
After our beautiful all-night learning program with our friends, we walked with what seemed like the whole Yerushalayim to the Old City and Kotel. We really felt as though we were part of Am Yisrael! We started out walking on our own and ended up at  with an overflowing amount of people at the kotel. After our long Journey we davened and made kiddush on grape juice and muffins. We then walked back to school where we had lunch and rested from being up all night. Once we woke up, we had lunch and heard a shiur from Sally Mayer on Megillat Ruth!
The second day, for those of us who kept it, we learned with Rav Rafi and heard a shiur from Rav Eitan. This Shavous was amazing and truly inspiring. It was a once in life time Chag with Midmo and was a great way to experience Shavous!


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