Scholarship information for 5784 / 2023-24

Need-based scholarships are available from the following sources. If you will need scholarships to help pay for seminary, start exploring these options as soon as you apply to seminary. It often takes significant time to gather the information you'll need to apply for scholarships, and funds are distributed on a schedule, so starting early can help make sure you don't miss important deadlines. We do not offer merit-based scholarships.

  • Your High School: Many schools have funds available. Contact your Israel Guidance Counselor and/or your principal. 
  • MASA: We will advise you if and when Masa scholarships will be available for 5784.
  • NCSY: If you are involved in NCSY, please be in touch with your Regional Director. NCSY offers many different scholarships, which vary from region to region. Atlantic Seaboard region has a great summary of scholarships here, and Central East region has a great summary here. Check yoour region's website and speak to your advisors.
  • Your local synagogue: Many rabbis, synagogues, and community kollels have money set aside for Israel study. You won't find this scholarship listed on their website or in their brochures. Contact them directly.
  • Federal Aid (FAFSA) through YU or Touro: Students attending Midreshet Moriah as part of a Joint Program with either Yeshiva University or Touro College are eligible to apply for Federal Aid. In addition, students from NY and California may be eligible for additional State funding. Make sure to apply to the college with the help of your college guidance counselor and to complete the FAFSA (application for Federal aid).
  • Midreshet Moriah: Our scholarship funds are limited and are distributed to those who apply on time. Our deadline is March 9. Make sure to read our conditions for scholarship below. Here are the steps in applying for a scholarship:

Scholarship Worksheet: We work with the TADS company to process scholarship requests. As soon as you are accepted to Midreshet Moriah, download the TADS Scholarship Worksheet. This is not the actual application for financial aid. It is only to help you gather all of your documents and figures. Download, print, and fill out the worksheet so you can prepare to apply for aid.


Scholarship Application: Once you have completed the TADS Worksheet, it is time to complete your actual TADS Scholarship Application. You will click the button below (labeled "TADS Financial Aid Application"), and once the TADS website appears, click the link to make a new account for yourself. In order to find our scholarship application, please fill in the State as OH (Israel will be added in the near future), city is "Jerusalem" and school is "Midreshet Moriah." Fill out the application in its entirety.

Students who live outside the US or Canada should be in touch with Ruthie at

Midreshet Moriah Scholarship Conditions: Since our scholarship funds are so limited, we cannot offer funding to families who have the funds to pay for:

  • ...Their daughters to make trips to Chutz La-Aretz during the year (beside going home for Pesach).  Accepting a need-based scholarship and then paying for tickets to Chutz La-Aretz means that the funds Midreshet Moriah is granting you for tuition are, in effect, being used for airline tickets instead. 
  • ...Students who are receiving scholarship money cannot participate in our Poland Experience, and will participate instead in our Israel Experience.
  • ...Family or parent visits to Israel. Families who accept a scholarship from us are committing not to visit Israel during the year. Accepting a need-based scholarship and then visiting Israel means that the funds Midreshet Moriah is granting you for tuition are, in effect, being used for airline tickets instead.
  • ...Chagim at hotels.
  • ...Family vacations which involve air travel (except visits to family members)

A scholarship is a significant investment in you as a student and as a developing Jew, and therefore carries serious expectations that you will maximize your opportunities at Midreshet Moriah.  Since our scholarship resources are quite limited, our awarding a scholarship to you means that we have had to turn others away and that our Scholarship Committee is convinced that you will make the best use of your time at Midreshet Moriah.

The scholarship will be awarded as follows:

  • An amount for each semester, contingent on a performance review: At the end of the each semester, the Scholarship Committee will carefully review your performance up until that point, in order to confirm that you have met the standards of seriousness and high achievement described below.  In the event that you have not, the scholarship will be retroactively revoked and you will be billed for the amount which had been granted to you as a scholarship.
  • Please note that if a scholarship is revoked, academic transcripts will not be released until you are financially clear.

The Scholarship Committee has established the following standards and conditions to be used in its performance reviews for scholarship recipients.  Failure to meet these conditions will result in revocation of your scholarship:

  • Full participation in all shiurim, activities, tiyyulim and shabbatonim.
  • Academic performance above the grade of “C” in each of your courses.
  • Abiding by all school rules and regulations.
  • Participation in our Israel Experience trip rather than our Poland Experience trip.
  • Families of students who have accepted scholarships may not visit Israel during the year. Doing so will result in revocation of your scholarship. 
  • This scholarship is conditional on total confidentiality. Because many financial factors go into the committee's decisions, no two situations are really comparable. Sharing with others the figure you have received is likely to create bad feeling and misunderstanding.


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