Midreshet = More Choices

If you are considering Midreshet Moriah, you're looking for a meaningful intellectual and spiritual journey from which you will draw strength for years to come.

Just listen to some of the “mini-videos” on the homepage, and you will hear our graduates talking about how they developed a love of learning at Midreshet. They attribute it to having great teachers, an excellent “Bet Midrash” program, and, most of all, to having more choices.

At Midreshet Moriah, there is no tracking. You choose the classes you want at the level you want. Of course, we are here to guide you every step of the way, but we strongly believe that you are an adult and you are perfectly capable of deciding what you want to learn and how you want to structure your day. After all, this year is all about growing spiritually and advancing in Torah learning based on your interests.

When other seminaries talk about choices, consider these important distinctions:  Many of their “choices” are similar to one another (e.g., you can choose any of five Halacha shiurim, but you must choose a Halacha shiur in this time slot and it must be for a prescribed number of hours a week). Secondly, many other seminaries have tracking, so there may be many classes in total, but access is limited to whichever track they place you in.

Midreshet provides more freedom to choose what you like, more variety of different shiurim, and a lot of freedom in switching until you find your ideal schedule.  

Midreshet Moriah. The choice is yours.   

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